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I help authors and narrators make audiobooks.

Professional audiobook production services.
Home studio feedback and education.

First time authors and narrators welcome.

Let's work together!


Are you... 

...an author looking for info about making an audiobook?

...a narrator looking for someone to partner with for editing and post? 

...interested in setting up a home studio?

...wondering if your current home studio is up to par?

No matter what stage of the process you are at, 

we'll find a way to move forward.

...preparing your manuscript for recording?

...wondering how to find a narrator?

...need to find an audio editor?

...home studio sounding funny?

...not understanding the specs?

...looking for a director?

... post-production woes?

...don't know where to start?

Contact me with details about the project, let's discuss how we can make a great audiobook.

Producing &

Project Consultations

Let's talk about how we can turn your next project into an amazing audio experience. No matter what part of the process you're currently at, I'm happy to offer feedback and help plan the next steps.

Email below to setup a free project planning session.

Sound Design & 

 Music Composition

Create an engaging sonic landscape for your project by adding sound effects and/or composing original music.


Gearing Up: Recording Audiobooks from home

December 1, 2018

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