Audiobook Mastering

Your audiobook will be professionally mastered to meet any delivery specifications you need.
48 hour turnaround available.

- $20 PFH (digital) -
- $40 PFH (digital + DDPs) -
*subscription plans & bulk discounts*

Sound Design

Create an engaging sonic landscape for your project by adding sound effects and/or composing original music.

I am a musician and songwriter with over 15 years of experience,

from playing in bands to composing sync and commercial music.

We can discuss the type of atmosphere you are looking to create and work together 

or I can connect you with some other great composers I've had the honor to know and work with.

Home Studio Consultations

I will work with you remotely, listening to samples and providing specific feedback, to ensure you are producing high-quality audio from your home studio.

I can also help you use the equipment and plugins you currently have to create processing chains customized for your voice and setup. 
- $250 -

Producing &
Project Consultations

Let's talk about how we can turn your next project into an amazing audio experience.

No matter what part of the process you're currently at, I'm happy to offer feedback and help plan the next steps.

Email me to setup a free project planning session.